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Day: September 18, 2009

Transportation Salvation

Shockingly, a college other than Penn State has come up with an interesting concept for helping out its own students. All the cool kids at Dickinson College are renting a couple Toyota Priuses (Prii?) for a few hours or even the whole day, says Pennlive. The idea is that students without cars, particularly the freshman […]

Lion Shrine to Undergo Digital Replication

It is no secret that the Lion Shrine is a central symbol here at Penn State.  It symbolizes the power and unity felt by anyone who has ever come in contact with the university.  Any alteration to the monument would take away at least some element of its value and central meaning from fellow Penn […]

Spanier Speculated to Succeed NCAA President Brand

Myles Brand, the fourth president of the National Collegiate Athletic Association, died Wednesday afternoon after nine months of fighting pancreatic cancer. Since his hiring in 2002, Brand had attempted to reform the NCAA to create balance between athletics and education. According to some sources, including USA Today, continuing his work could be a task left […] Caters to Late Night Partygoers

Have you ever been out on the town, realized that you needed something (smokes, condoms, mixers, beer pong supplies, etc.) but had to go without because it was too late and McLanahan’s was closed? If you answered yes, then has got you covered. According to their website, Lionneeds was created “to understand and satisfy […]

Enrollment Rises, No Surprises

44,000 students are estimated to be enrolled at University Park this year, the Collegian reports. University spokeswoman Jill Shockey said the number includes students who are studying abroad or otherwise not on campus — no need to panic over housing shortages or overcrowded classes, she said. The large freshman class of 8,000 from 2006 is […]

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