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zipcarShockingly, a college other than Penn State has come up with an interesting concept for helping out its own students. All the cool kids at Dickinson College are renting a couple Toyota Priuses (Prii?) for a few hours or even the whole day, says Pennlive.

The idea is that students without cars, particularly the freshman who aren’t allowed to bring their own cars, can have the same freedom and mobility as those who have their own sweet rides. There is a $35 start-up cost added to the hourly/daily rate (depending on the day of the week) and fees for gas and insurance. Nothing too pricey, but it all depends on what you think the price of freedom is—freedom to get off campus, freedom to blast your radio station in the car, and most excitingly, freedom to deny rides to your wheel-deficient friends.

Three cheers for Dickinson, I suppose, though I can’t really bring myself to feel envy. Here at University Park the streets on campus are a bitch to navigate in a car; you’d make better time riding a unicycle than trying to drive to class, not to mention parking. As for getting off campus, the CATA bus system goes to most places you’d be headed for in this small town.

The real transportation revolution around here seems to be bicycles—everywhere you look, people are weaving between the crowds of students trudging to class, wooshing past the masses on their two wheeled dream machines. Maybe I’m waxing a bit too romantic here, but ever since Freeze Thaw opened I’ve got a big crush on bikes again, and it looks like everyone else does, too.

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