Enrollment Rises, No Surprises

Chart_Graph_Zig_Zag_Up_Arrow44,000 students are estimated to be enrolled at University Park this year, the Collegian reports.

University spokeswoman Jill Shockey said the number includes students who are studying abroad or otherwise not on campus — no need to panic over housing shortages or overcrowded classes, she said.

The large freshman class of 8,000 from 2006 is partially responsible for the number.

“That number is an estimate, and we won’t have an official count until we do it in mid-October,” [University Spokeswoman Jill Shockey] said.

So let us get this straight. The University has no idea exactly how many people are enrolled at this time? Aren’t there computer programs for that at the Registrar, or the Bursar? How is that possible?

Pangborn said that the number of students studying at University Park at this time last year was about 43,000 — this year, it is 44,000. But he wants to emphasize that these figures are simply estimates, based on a “historical projection.”

Ah. A “historical projection”.

Information that might answer some questions in Andy’s post about crowding on campus was also part of the Collegian article.

The influx of 8,000 freshmen in 2006 was felt by Housing and Food Services, too. Lynn DuBois, director of ancillary services, said every student who wished to live on-campus this year, including upperclassmen, was offered a contract. That said, many students have been placed in supplemental housing. [Boldface Added]

Wow. Really? Is that why the line is out the door in Simmons? But don’t worry about the future…

DuBois also said the number of students living on campus drops as the fall semester progresses.


[Picture from the401kdr.com]

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