The Three-Quarter Turn: There’s A Hawk In Your Eye

Blue Band Floating LionsThe Three-Quarter Turn is an exciting, popular feature here at Onward State. Named after the signature Blue Band Pregame 270 degree right hand turn technique, this segment will report on what the Blue Band is bringing to Beaver Stadium and Penn State every week. From performance schedules to half-time show themes to special news coverage, The Three-Quarter Turn has got you covered.

There is nothing better than marching out of the tunnel for Pregame during an 8:00 pm game at a full stadium white-out. Imagine high-stepping out of the tunnel with 310 other Blue Banders and being greeted with a solid wall of white filling the entire stadium. Contrasted with the dark night sky, the spectacle is incredible. Imagine 110,000+ screaming fans anxiously awaiting the Drum Major flips and going absolutely deafeningly crazy when he lands them successfully. There is so much energy in the air, researchers should study these incredible events as a renewable energy resource.

This week, the Blue Band’s performances start days before gameday. Here’s the rundown of what’s going on this week:


The Band will make an appearance at a Coaches vs. Cancer event hosted by Coach DeChellis. The fundraising event is being held at Medlar Field at Lubrano Park (aka the baseball stadium) where the Spikes play. I’m sure it’s going to be quite a surprise to see a Marching Band take the field…on a baseball field.


With a huge game like Iowa looming in the near future, a Rally in the Valley is a definite necessity. The pep rally starts at 8:00 pm and will feature Coach Joe Paterno, the Football team, cheerleaders, the Lionettes and the Nittany Lion. Of course, also in attendance will be the Blue Band. The Band will play music you are used to hearing in the Beav’ and will keep you rockin’ in your seat. Get to Rally in the Valley early for a seat and a chance to get a free t-shirt. Expect a crowd of around 8,000.

Saturday Gameday

Today, it gets exciting. As always, the Blue Band starts their day pretty early in the morning and finishes late at night. Here’s a rundown for Gameday:

  1. Morning rehearsal runs from 9:00-10:30 AM. If any tailgaters are hitting the field early, its worth a trip over to the Blue Band field to watch the practice.
  2. The Blue Band will step off on their parade to the Bryce Jordan Center at 6:15 PM. Check out the parade route here.
  3. TailGreat, a gameday tradition will begin around 6:00 PM in the Bryce Jordan Center. The Blue Band will play music from both pregame and halftime.
  4. Pregame is set to begin at 7:45. Make sure to get to the stadium early so the whitehouse effect is fully complete.
  5. This week’s halftime show will feature music from the rock powerhouses of Chicago and Earth, Wind & Fire. In the Stone, Make Me Smile and 25 or 6 to 4 will be this week’s halftime entertainment.
  6. My estimate of total attendance is 109,346 people. Final Score Nittany Lions 21, Hawkeyes 7.
  7. After the game, the Blue Band will take the field again for a postgame performance. Featuring the Blue Band Silks and Majorettes, the Band will play selections from the halftime show as well as “Lion Special”.
  8. Stick around after postgame for Drumline Corner, which features (as you may have guessed) the Penn State Drumline. They are a pretty hilarious group of people with exceptional drumming abilities.


I have no doubt that all you Onward Staters will help the Blue Band in supporting our team to finally get revenge from last years’ game. Let’s show those Hawkeyes that they don’t stand a chance in the Beav’. After all, the best thing that comes from Iowa is corn.

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