D.A. Race + PSU Students = End of Partying?


Partying, Violence and Drugs! That is what comes to mind when most think of PSU. With the District Attorney race on the rise will our partying come to an end? That question will be left up to Republican candidate Michael Madeira, or Democrat candidate Stacy Parks Miller.

Coincidentally, PSU being proudly ranked the #1 party school somehow didn’t affect Centre County being ranked #2 safest metropolitan area to live. With these statistics in hand, what are our trusty politicians views on alcohol, drugs and violence?

The Republican side:
Michael Madeira believes that Centre County in whole owes its national distinction in safety to our strong community and competent, hard-working law enforcement. Madeira feels that PSU’s role in the community has provided an insight on what can be done with such competent law enforcement.

He is proud of our courage to stand up and speak our to keep our streets free from fear and our community safety. He believes students, especially the freshmen that he has spoken to, know how to make the most or their time here, without sacrificing their respect for each other and the community.

Having 19 years of experience in law, including being a top drug prosecutor, he has acquired a reputation for having a cool, measured courtroom demeanor. Madeira pledges to keep Centre County a safe place to work, live and raise a family. He plans to make tough decisions on tough cases and working with the law enforcement team that helps to reduce crime.

The Democrat side:
Stacy Parks Miller believes that our community’s unique makeup defines our crime fingerprint. She believes our community is relatively safe when it comes to violent crimes, but as far as drugs, alcohol and DUI, that’s another story.

Drug- and alcohol-related crimes tax our community and require heavy man hours from our police and fill our courts and jails. Parks Miller believes that a successful attorney must actively partner with the community to reduce these crimes. She feels that we must support programs that deal with addiction and must hold people accountable for their behavior when deterrence fails.

Parks Miller plans to return effective leadership, good judgment, and well-reasoned decision making to Centre County. She believes that a district attorney should always remember that taxpayers are footing the bill.

Now with all that being said, the decision is up to you! Be sure to vote on your future November 3. Keep in mind this is a job position that pays $161,000 a year… does your candidate deserve that?

[Photo Courtesy of daveibsen.typepad.com]

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