Chasing Butterflies

butterfliesTwo senior lecturers from the the College of Communications, Maura Shea and her husband Rod Bingaman, have produced a film called Chasing Butterflies ,coming to DVD December 22.

This film  follows a run-away bride, Nina (Amy Brienes). Her mother (Maria Cellario) shockingly winds up marring the groom (Gabriel Vaughan) in her place, then the two newly-weds hit the road to search for the missing bride. What a zany romp!

The HD film was actually shot locally in 2006. The entire crew of “Chasing Butterflies” was comprised of Penn State alumni and students. How cool is that?

The film will be available for purchase and rental from most major Internet outlets such as Netflix, Target, Hollywood Video, and many more. Get your copy next week!


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