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Blue Band WalkingThe Three-Quarter Turn is an exciting, popular feature here at Onward State. Named after the signature Blue Band Pregame 270 degree right hand turn technique, this segment will report on what the Blue Band is bringing to Beaver Stadium and Penn State every week. From performance schedules to half-time show themes to special news coverage, The Three-Quarter Turn has got you covered.

This weekend is quite a busy weekend for the Blue Band. With the Homecoming Parade, Pep Rallies and the actual football game, the performing group is going to be appearing all across campus.


Friday evening, the Blue Band will take part in the homecoming parade. You can take a look at the parade route here. The parade starts at 6:00 PM, but the Blue Band will be close to the end of the parade. For the best view of the Band, place yourself in a well lit area and/or on a corner where the parade route makes a turn. Make sure to cheer extra loud and high-five band members if they are close enough.

Immediately after the parade, head to the Old Main steps (facing downtown State College). This Pep Rally will showcase the Blue Band and introduce the homecoming court. Listen for Stadium favorites and Penn State Fight Songs.

After the Pep Rally at Old Main, make your way to the Lion Shrine where a group of Blue Band Trumpets will open the “Guard the Lion Shrine” event with Fight Songs. There will also be free food and prizes for attendees.

Read on to find out about the Blue Band’s schedule for Saturday


9:00 AM

The Blue Band starts rehearsal near Services Road. You’re a true Penn Stater (and Onward Stater) if you go watch one of the greatest Penn State traditions practice their precision drill.

12:30 PM

310 uniformed performers head towards the Bryce Jordan Center for the TailGreat performance. You’ll see the famous parade order and Penn State Fight Songs. For the parade route, click here.

1:00 PM

The Blue Band portion of TailGreat begins. Listen for selections from the Pregame and halftime shows.

2:00 PM

The Blue Band Parades down Curtain Road to Beaver Stadium. If you are in the Stadium already, check out the band from the outside railings of the stadium as they disappear into the depths of the Beav.

3:15 PM

The precision drill and music of the Penn State Pregame show begins with the Drumline high-stepping onto the field. The rest of the 310- member band pours out of the tunnel onto the field for the coolest Pregame show in the world. Drum Major Matt Sabo will make both flips. The crowd will go crazy.


The Blue Band and the Alumni Blue Band will take the field for an incredible 600+ person performance. The Blue Band will take the field first and play Big Band Swing tunes like Malaguena and Rock This Town. As the present Blue Band leaves the field, the Alumni Blue Band will march on and perform the song Chameleon. Both the Alumni Blue Band and the Blue Band will take the field together for a rendition of The Singing Lion.

7:00 PM

The Nittany Lions emerge victorious over the Golden Gophers 24-7.


Join the Blue Band for a Postgame Performance. Gather on the Press Box side of the stadium to get to know the Blue Band. After the Blue Band’s performance, stick around for the Drumline 50-yard line performance.


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