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Ping Pong BallsWe’ve all been there. You bend down to pick up the ping-pong ball that missed its target. As you pick it up and turn it in your hands, you realize something terrible. The lucky ping-pong ball you’ve been using during your latest winning streak has a dent.

You panic and look to your partner. He looks at your nervously and proclaims,

“We’ve got no more balls.”

As you turn the dented ping-pong ball in your hands and examine the damage, you begin to remember that you read how to remedy this exact situation on Onward State.

Here’s what you do to get your game of pong and your winning streak back on track:

Secure The Following Items:
1. Dented ping-pong ball
2. Lighter or Matches
3. Steady Hand

Follow These Steps:
1. Light the lighter
2. Hold the dented ping-pong ball 3-4 inches over the top of the lighter’s flame with your forefinger and thumb
3. Move the ping-pong ball side to side and up and down (1-2 inches) until the dent pops out
4. Let the heated ping-pong ball cool down

A Few Notes:
1. Don’t hold the ping-pong ball too close to the flame. They are very flammable.
2. Find someone sober enough to perform this operation. No one wants to get caught on fire.
3. Have some cups of liquid around to douse any fires that might occur.

Alternate Methods:
1. Fill a pot with water, bring to a boil
2. Place ping-pong ball(s) in the water for 10-20 seconds
3. After the dents pop out, remove ping-pong balls with a spoon
4. Let cool

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