Day: October 26, 2009

Current Drug Laws Need Revision

Earlier this month, the Pennsylvania Sentencing Commission released a report on school zone mandatory sentences. These laws state that if you are caught selling drugs within 1000 feet of a school, prosecutors can seek a two-year mandatory minimum sentence. Not too surprisingly, its recommendation was to repeal law for two main reasons: first, 1000 feet […]

OS Explains: Fix Your Balls

We’ve all been there. You bend down to pick up the ping-pong ball that missed its target. As you pick it up and turn it in your hands, you realize something terrible. The lucky ping-pong ball you’ve been using during your latest winning streak has a dent. You panic and look to your partner. He […]

A Short Word On “Small World”

The Daily Collegian has begun experimenting with new media, but it still doesn’t seem to have found the best way to incorporate it into the newspaper’s general structure. A couple setbacks to the Small World blog: Visual Appeal This thing wouldn’t win any America’s Next Top Model competitions; it has curves in all the wrong places. That is, […]

The Penn State Twitterverse Is Expanding

Despite a report saying that Penn State only has 4 official Twitter accounts, it seems the Penn State Twitterverse has made quite an expansion over the past few months. Back in February, I wrote a post about a few personal Twitter accounts of Penn Staters. Now, accounts ranging from athletic staff to departments to clubs […]

Jean-Michel Cousteau Interview

In case you missed his speech at Schwab Auditorium last Monday, Voices of Central Pa recently interviewed Jean-Michel Cousteau, son of famous oceanographer Jacques Cousteau. Cousteau speaks with Voices environmental editor Jill Gomez about “the health of the oceans, commercial fishing, and the future.”