Penn State vs. Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl?

old schedIt’s true, there is a possibility that Penn State could play Pitt in the Fiesta Bowl this season, but as it stands, the chances of me dressing up like Gumby Saturday night and bringing home Eva Mendes are looking better.

As if the BCS wasn’t already 10 times harder to understand than that calc test you failed, here are just a small number of hindrances that might deter the showdown:

*Pitt has tough schedule ahead with Notre Dame and Cincinnati to handle if they want to win out and be Fiesta bound. Penn State, if they can play as well as they did against Michigan the rest of the season, would only have Ohio State to worry about and with “Terrelle Cryer” not at the top of his game, lady luck might just end up in our corner. Strength of schedule plays a big factor in the possible match up.

*Texas has to win the Big 12 and advance to the national championship

*The BCS has to abandon its politics and agree to renew the Pitt/Penn State rivalry regardless of how sexy other match-ups might be

The predicted score of this match up made by the Altoona Mirror: Penn State 31 – Pitt 20

From what I hear the prospect of a Flyers v.s. Pens game at Beaver stadium (in which the Pens would get their punk asses handed to them) is looking slim, so this possible bowl match-up may be all we have to hope for in deciding who truly rules PA.

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