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How’s that one song go? “Each morning I get up to the…construction?” Yeah, that’s about right. Living in Pollock Halls, I can assure you that something is being built nearby. But what?

Penn State is a couple months into the construction of the Millenium Science Complex, which was approved for construction last year. Yes, on the corner of Bigler and Pollock Road, where soccer fields were once available to students, a new, L-shaped “green” building should be open for business by 2011.

The building is to be, as the name suggests, a science complex. It seems the Millenium is intended primarily as a collaborative research facility for the Materials and Life Sciences. It was supposed to be two buildings, but a desire for speedier construction caused a change in plans.

Perhaps the coolest part (unless you’re hardcore about research labs) of the complex is its design. According to Penn State Live,

The structure will cantilever over a new plaza and garden at the intersection of the wings, one of the building’s signature features, according to Schultz. The main entrance will be at this intersection.

A new building is on its way. Until then, thanks to Penn State for replacing my alarm clock.


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