And That’s How You Do Social Media Marketing

T-Mobile_CLIQ_ChallengeI pity T-Mobile for more than not being able to carry the Jesus Phone.

The company’s hosting a ‘CLIQ Challenge‘ on Facebook right now in which anyone with a Facebook account can “vote” for a school. The school with the most votes gets a free Weezer concert and $1 for every vote it received. That $1 per vote would probably go right towards Graham Spanier’s personal Eden, but hey, it’s still money.

The reason I feel bad for T-Mobile is that today’s Collegian article about the potential concert did not mention T-Mobile or the CLIQ once – the whole thing was referred to only as “the contest.”

So, here’s the exposure T-Mobile was hoping to get : HEY PENN STATE, T-MOBILE HAS A PHONE CALLED THE CLIQ AND IT’S COOL LIKE WEEZER.

Now click the guys with the sweet shades and vote for Penn State already.

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