UPUA Offers Freshmen Internship Opportunity in Student Politics

If you’re a freshman, and you’re interested in politics, and you’re not the son or daughter of a United States senator (otherwise I think you’d probably have a leg up already), and you’re looking for a place to start learning the ways of the political world, and you’re sure your closet skeletons are securely locked away, and you don’t solicit sex at airport bathrooms (Hi Larry Craig), then look no further.

The University Park Undergraduate Association is offering an internship program to all freshmen who are interested in politics. The internship opportunity is still open to applicants and interns would be responsible for assisting members of the executive department in their duties within the student government.

While no prior experience in student government is necessary, it is to be noted that the UPUA will only consider serious applicants and that those who only strive to meet the bare minimum in participation will find themselves as prepared for the political scene as Sarah Palin was. Though, through their experience, dedicated interns could soon be prepared to become members of the UPUA Assembly. And after you graduate with your experience on the UPUA, with a little luck (and a crap ton of money and political connections) you could soon be campaigning for mayor, or senator, or even rebel leader in some third world country!

You’ve got to start somewhere.

To apply, students must visit the UPUA website. For more information and to submit your application, you can email the Chief of Staff at [email protected]

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