Making Bank The “Natural” Way

jackie-moon-nudeIt takes some pretty big balls for a guy to get up in front of an art class and pose naked…although the folks doing the drawing probably could have told you that.

This week,N the New York Times ran a story on a Penn State sophomore named Sam who holds this exact unique occupation. Sam poses as a nude model for art classes here at Penn State and makes $15 an hour doing it! That’s not too shabby for just posting up in front of a class full of (mostly) women for awhile and staying as still as a naked dude could with 30 sets of eyes glued to his business.

As the Times reported, operating the dish washer at a food court sushi stand and cleaning tables in the dinning hall didn’t suit Sam’s fancy, so he did what usually gets the ball rolling in any situation and got butt-ass naked. He had also always asked his Dad as a kid if there was a job out there where you got paid a lot for not doing much. I’d say he’s found it.

If that salary, and the fact that nothing in your closet holds a candle to your birthday suit, piques your interest, here’s a few things the applicant pamphlet has to say:

*NO exchanging information (e-mails or phone numbers)

*NO flirting or touching

*(Here’s an up-side) There are no pre-requisites for the job-other than having a body

Now, Sam was a wrestler and played lacrosse and football, so if you’re thinking of taking a hiatus from plowing through Twinkies while dominating at World Of Warcraft in favor of a modeling gig, take a minute and re-assess.

The article also said that after 30 minutes Sam doesn’t feel weird anymore. Hell, why would he, making $15 an hour just letting what the good lord gave him hang out and about?

Let’s just hope that room stays up to temperature.


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