Big Weekend, Big Heartache

joepa sadOhio State weekend has come and gone, and all we are left with is a vicious hangover and a feeling of disappointment like our dog ran away from home and got pancaked in traffic.

After all the hype, the burning desire for vengeance against a Penn State hatin’ Terrelle Pryor, the two freaking T-shirt controversies, and getting picked to beat the Buckeyes for once, Penn State shows up and doesn’t deliver.

I’m not the most diehard Penn State football fan on earth, I’ll admit, but maybe this affords me a wider perspective on how the loss affected things.

First of all, the sheer number of people that made the trek to Happy Valley for this game was amazing. 322 was backed up for miles with people waiting for parking spots. Ohio State weekends are always packed, but it really was sad to see all these people come out to support the team and then turn back home dejected, out gas money, and thirsty because they shotgunned their last beers in false confidence before the game.

Seeing those Ohio State fans frolic back through lot 12 with a smug look on their face really pissed me off.

It’s a shame to lose all faith in Penn State’s ability to win big games but hey, they can’t do it. It’s a bigger shame that this is the second colossal let down of the season. Iowa was a huge home game and we crumpled like a week old newspaper in that too.

Iowa had even lost on Saturday, opening up a golden opportunity for us in the Big Ten standings, but nope, we have to go and get beat down like Charley Murphy against Prince and “The Revolution.”

In the end I’m just a fan, though. I don’t put on the pads and run out on the field, so criticism is only worth so much. It is safe to say, however, that there are a lot of disappointed people here and all over PA that expected and deserved a better result this past weekend.


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