Day: November 12, 2009

Follyfest Rocks 797

I originally thought I was going to photograph a drag show…but I ended up at Follyfest instead. How did that happen? Follyfest is an annual Make-A-Wish Foundation fundraiser put on by service sorority Gamma Sigma Sigma. The event was held at 797 this year as an 18+ event and included three bands: Velveeta, Spider Kelley, […]

A New Way To Interact In Class: Backchannel Learning

Backchannel learning. It’s a concept I never heard of until I found a pilot program at Purdue that explores the concept. Backchannel learning involves using services like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and text messaging to link students’ comments and questions to classroom lectures and activities. Two classes at Purdue are currently participating in a program using […]

Fraternity Definition? Who Gives a Hoot?

This week the Collegian ran a story about how borough and university members met to discuss the definition of a fraternity here at Penn State. Are you bored yet? So was I after reading the first paragraph or so. When I wake up in the morning I like to read news that causes me to spew fruit loops all over […]

Beaver Stadium Concessions: Behind the Scenes

The folks at Penn State Live have been doing some snooping and have created a very good behind the scenes video of the effort that goes into providing you those delicious french fries or that slightly less delicious coffee at the Beav’. Check it out below:

Wednesday Evening’s UPUA Meeting

Tonight’s University Park Undergraduate Meeting began with a brief report by President Keirans, who reiterated that although there was not much time left in the year, there is still “a lot left to get accomplished.” Some of the highlights of the meeting included a presentation by THON and discussions of Resolutions 25 and 26. The […]

99 Days Until THON!!!

Yes, you read that right. The countdown to THON 2010 is now in double digits. To celebrate the last day of triple digit days, 100 Days ’til THON was held in the HUB yesterday. The fun-filled event included appearances by the Penn State Cheerleaders and the Nittany Lion, in addition to a rendition of the […]

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