Wednesday Evening’s UPUA Meeting

Tonight’s University Park Undergraduate Meeting began with a brief report by President Keirans, who reiterated that although there was not much time left in the year, there is still “a lot left to get accomplished.”

Some of the highlights of the meeting included a presentation by THON and discussions of Resolutions 25 and 26.

The THON presentation featured a slide show explaining THON’s cause and the Four Diamonds Club. The slide show featured Joe Pa doing something that loosely resembled singing and footage of last year’s THON event. An interesting point from the presentation was that since THON’s beginning, they have raised $61 million, a pretty astounding number.

On another note, the Four Diamonds Club sign is remarkably similar to the Dynasty sign thrown up at Jay-Z concerts.

Resolution 25 involved the Student Life & Diversity Committee asking for funding for its 4th Diversity Roundtable. The event would serve to open up discussions not just about about diversity on campus, but also other UPUA matters, including the potential medical amnesty policy. It passed with no objection in a 35-0-0 vote.

Another issue raised was Resolution 26, which would ask for a portion of the UPUA’s YOUSRV intern program budget to be used to fund a dinner hosted at the Allen Street Grill that would serve as sort of a meet and greet for the new interns. It would also serve as a sort of unofficial reward for the interns, which seems odd as the job of an intern is usually a thankless one. The opposition to this resolution argued that the money could be better spent on such things as training seminars and such for YOUSRV members (Couldn’t the two ideas be combined?). The vote ended up passing, though (16-14-5).

Overall, another vastly exciting UPUA meeting!

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