Getting Beaten By Ohio State…Again

Gee_cutoutAs if getting wiped all over the football field (and the soccer field!) wasn’t already painful enough, now Ohio State has bested us in yet another category!

Time Magazine has dumped more salt into an open wound with the recent release of its “The 10 Best College Presidents” list, which has Ohio State president E. Gordon Gee at number one. Well that’s just fan-freakin-tasic that the biggest nut of all the Buckeyes gets anointed king of the college castle, but here’s the worst part: Penn State president Graham Spanier didn’t even make the list!

Are you kidding me!? Spanier is a spectacular president and he plays the washboard in the jazz bands Deacons of Dixieland and Phyrst Family. That’s right, the washboard! If that’s not enough to launch the man into at least the top five, then the list is flawed.

The main author of the Time list was apparently thrilled with Gee’s appearance as he wears “argyle socks, horn-rimmed glasses and a bright bow tie.” Well listen, Ronald McDonald is cool to a lot of people, but he doesn’t belong at the top of the 10 best college presidents list. Graham Spanier could play that clown into submission with his washboard skills.

Another jab in our proud lion’s ribs is the fact that Michigan somehow snuck into the third spot with their president Mary Sue Coleman.

Losing to the Buckeyes on the field hurt, but this list is another swift kick in the balls from the nuts we hate the most.


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