Day: December 3, 2009

Penn State: Giant Left-Wing Conspiracy?

Times are dire, my friends. I fear for our University. I mean look at what’s going on. First, we have Professor Michael Mann helping cover up evidence that the vast conspiracy known as “global warming” is completely made up. Still, I’m glad to have some conclusive evidence that global warming is a load of hogwash. […]

Dean Brady Spits Truth, Later Eats Donuts

As the Schreyer Honors College prepares to read the application essays of the incoming class of 2014, Dean Christian Brady posted this on the SHC website, giving his thoughts about what makes a person a scholar. For many people and institutions the pursuit of knowledge is an admirable end in and of itself. That is […]

Renting Is the New Buying

Ever think about renting textbooks versus buying them? Services are popping up all over the internet offering all your textbooks on a rental basis. Most sites allow users to rent the textbooks on a 60-day, quarterly (~85 days) or per semester (~125 days) basis. The most popular service with the cleanest and simplest interface is […]

“Heart of the Lion” Film To Air Tonight

Tonight at 8pm, WPSU will air its new film “Heart of the Lion,” that details the history and legend of the Nittany Lion mascot since its inception in 1939. The film, which will also air repeatedly on WPSU in the months to come (check your local TV listings), is meant to demonstrate the skill, determination, […]

“This American Life” Update

Ira Glass visited Penn State a few weeks ago and recorded a “This American Life” episode. The episode (titled ‘#1 Party School’) is airing next Sunday (12/13) at 6:00 pm. Sunday, December 20th at 6:00 pm. This was a description of the episode from a recentĀ  This American Life email update: What is it like […]

JayPa Weighs In On Bowden’s Forced Retirement

Similar to his father, Jay Paterno expressed empathy for recently retired Florida State head coach Bobby Bowden in his biweekly column for Fortunately, JayPa was able to reference both Tiger Woods’ recent escapades and War and Peace in a single article. Nice work! Unfortunately, Bowden was probably asked to leave the site juuuuust before […]

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