“Heart of the Lion” Film To Air Tonight

Tonight at 8pm, WPSU will air its new film “Heart of the Lion,” that details the history and legend of the Nittany Lion mascot since its inception in 1939.

The film, which will also air repeatedly on WPSU in the months to come (check your local TV listings), is meant to demonstrate the skill, determination, and heart that it takes to be the iconic figurehead (besides Joe Pa) of one of the biggest universities in the nation.

“Heart of the Lion” will also follow eight Penn State students in their quest to become the Nittany Lion mascot in what I’m hoping will be a cross between Ultimate Fighter, Rock of Love and maybe some Teresa-table-flipping mixed in. It’s not out of the question. You’ve got to be pretty crazy to run out in front of hundreds of thousands of people, rile them up, and keep them screaming for entire football games (which can be hard when you calculate in the drunks in the stands).

So tune in tonight at 8pm on WPSU to learn about the history of our mascot, how the mascots are selected, and just how much the Nittany Lion has contributed to our university over the past 70 years.

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