A Review: The Book of Beer Pong

Onward State assigned me the task of reviewing The Book of Beer Pong by Ben Applebaum and Dan Disorbo. As I am a mere 19 years old, I have never heard of this obscure sport. I need to be ready for my first match (one year, four months, and six days away).

Here are ten tidbits I picked up:

  1. If I am ever stranded on a deserted island, I can use hollowed out coconuts to play beer pong. Because that is the first thing I would want to do.
  2. To practice safe pong, don’t drink from the cups you are playing with. If I want to avoid mono, I will dump the beer into a separate cup with my name clearly sharpied on.
  3. Etiquette: Wash your balls. Do it.
  4. Ask if “blowing” and “fingering” are allowed. If so, do it when necessary.
  5. Acronym:  BEEER. What does it stand for? Balance Eyes Elbow Extend Remember. What does it mean? No idea.
  6. Keep a positive attitude! Instead of thinking, “I’ll never make this shot,” think, “This shot is mine, and I’m bringing the noise and the funk.”
  7. Pick an awesome team name. Of the suggestions given, I would choose “Beer Eye for the Straight Guy” or “Gulp Fiction.”
  8. In case of victory, be a douche bag about it. Act like a bro and chest bump or fist pump.
  9. There are many defense strategies.  See the diagrams below for my favorite female and the male strategy.
  10. To be a good photojournalist while attending a beer pong event, try to avoid “that guy” in the photos. Compose the picture correctly, and everyone will think the pictures are the best thing everrrrrr.

The book, overall, was quite interesting and has many different techniques and styles of play that any beer pong lover would enjoy. If you are all about this sport, I would recommend you pick up this easy read.

Pictures provided from The Book of Beer Pong.



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