Borough Defines “Fraternities”

On Thursday night, the State College Borough Planning Commission agreed upon a definition of fraternities within the borough; Fraternities in the borough must be recognized by Penn State. To spell it out, fraternities have to be recognized by the governing board of a student organization (purposely not naming names) and then must be recognized by Penn State’s Division of Student Affairs.

It was argued by Sandy Deveney, a Phi Delta Theta alumnus, that doing so limits fraternities to only Penn State students. He said that this vote could be seen as discriminatory since other students in State College would not be able to form/join a fraternity, like students in the South Hills School of Business and Technology (another school located in State College).

Could this policy lead to becoming a law? Will this affect current Penn State fraternities? I’m sure that we’ll read about this more as controversies arise…


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Dennis is a rising junior majoring in IST with a minor in Supply Chain. Outside the classroom, Dennis is an ITS Lab Consultant, a member of the Penn State Blue Band Drumline, and the current President of Phi Kappa Theta Fraternity. Check out his website at


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