B&N College Bookstores Offer Rentals, But Not Here

After seeing textbook rentals become wildly popular with online services like Chegg, Barnes and Noble is trying to get in on the game. Since our official bookstore in the HUB is a Barnes and Noble-run bookstore, I was hoping that we’d get the chance to take advantage of the savings that come with textbook rentals.

Turns out we can’t.

Of the around 25 participating Barnes and Noble University bookstores, Penn State is not on the list. Our rivals to the west, Ohio State, offering Barnes and Noble textbook rentals, as are those Gamecocks from down at South Carolina.

I’d imagine that Barnes and Noble will be looking to expand their textbook rental program to other schools. Given the fact that we’re such a big school, it is likely our official B&N bookstore will be participating in the near future.


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