Sestak Calls Out Specter

Rep. Joe Sestak Tuesday called for six debates between him and his democratic incumbent rival, Sen. Arlen Specter, preceding the upcoming democratic primaries. Sestak is scheduled to visit Penn State tomorrow and meet with the College Democrats and even hopes for PSU to host one of the proposed debates.

You may remember Specter as the Republican who turned Democrat last year after nearly four decades of GOP support. You may not remember Sestak. That’s probably why he has proposed for a debate in each of Pennsylvania’s six media markets. So far, Specter’s people are suggesting that Specter will stick to one debate as he has done in the past primary elections.

Sestak has been on the attack against Specter over his voting record while he was a senator playing for the Republican side, especially the more controversial votes during the Bush Administration years.

In addition to his meeting with the College Democrats, Sestak will be speaking at the HUB at 7 PM tomorrow. Go check it out to see what’s up!

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