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Day: January 14, 2010

MLK Celebration Features CNN’s Soledad O’Brien

Next week’s MLK festivities will conclude with a keynote address by CNN correspondent Soledad O’Brien, the current host of CNN’s Black in America, during an evening celebration on January 20th at 6PM at the Eisenhower Auditorium.

O'Brien has covered countless influential events in the nation’s history, including Hurricane Katrina, the school shootings in Colorado and Oregon, JFK Jr.’s plane crash, and the war in Iraq.

Soledad’s speech is sure to touch on Mrs. King’s previous, eloquent words as she spoke dearly of her husband: “In his own life’s example, he symbolized what was right about America, what was noblest and best, what human beings have loved unconditionally. He was in constant pursuit of truth, and when he discovered it, he embraced it. His nonviolent campaigns brought about redemption, reconciliation and justice. He taught us that only peaceful means can bring about peaceful ends, and that our goal was to create the love community.”

But, remember, Soledad isn’t the only thing worthwhile during this week of service, nor the most exciting or important. We can all create a little community love this week through other activities like Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service and the Social Justice Reception both this Monday.

Penn State’s Library “Stacks” Up Technologically

Any mention of the library probably stirs mixed emotions in you. Whether your memory is of the sixteen hours you spent there daily during finals week or an awesome dream you had when you fell asleep in the Hogwarts-eque study room, I think we can all agree the library has always been there for us. The advanced technology and vast collection of resources is often taken for granted by us students. Luckily for us, the oh so modest library doesn’t mind the neglect and continues to improve each yeah.

Ever use The CAT online? It’s essentially a record of every single book at every single Penn State library, including commonwealth campuses. As if returning 110 titles on a search for “red hair” (represent!) within three seconds wasn’t impressive enough, The CAT is now trained (see what I did there?) to translate results into all of the world’s languages, including non-Latin based languages. Using Unicode, The CAT is now able to search characters in languages such as Chinese, Japanese, Arabic, Hebrew, and Korean; a feature sure to benefit thousands of non-English speaking students.

IFC’s New Year to Contain Many New Party Restrictions

The IFC has a bunch of new regulations this spring for Greek-hosted parties, including...

  • Parties must have bartenders that are sober and at least 18 years old are required
  • And they must also hire two $16/hour bouncers to check guests at the door.
  • Liquor over 80 proof is not allowed (but at least the Vlad is safe).
  • No shots. No kegs.
  • No away bars.

Read the whole list after the jump.

The Dude Abides at Penn State

Every once in a while, a movie comes along that redefines cinema as we know it. The Big Lebowski is not one of these films. Nonetheless, I was thrilled to hear that The State Theater would be showing it this Friday.

The film is being shown as a "welcome back" event for students. What other movie better captures the spirit of college than one about a jobless stoner and his bowling buddies getting caught up in a mob deal gone bad?

There will be two showings at 7:00 and 9:30 p.m., and tickets are only $5. I'm fairly certain most of you didn't get a chance to see this classic in theaters back in 1998, so I recommend taking advantage of this unique opportunity.

Also, in the meantime, take a half hour and read Two Gentlemen of Lebowski, a Shakespearean take on the film. It's better than an acid flashback.

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