IFC’s New Year to Contain Many New Party Restrictions

In late November, the IFC passed a new party policy that added a number of requirements for any Greek-hosted party. These included:

All parties will have guest lists not to exceed 300 people or the applicable amount of people the fire marshal deems safe for the building.

All people inside the building must be listed on the guest list, residents of the host chapter included.

Wednesdays will no longer be available for registration of social functions.

All socials must be registered. A fee will be assessed with the registration.

A social is currently defined as “any period alcohol is present in a common area”.

Socials greater than 50 persons (exception if only 2 organizations are meeting) must register as a party.

Parties are exempt from registration fees.

Parties are required to hire two IFC contracted bouncers at (currently quoted) $16/hour for the duration of the party.

Bouncers will maintain the guest list only to be altered by the chapter president or designated representative.

Away bars will no longer be permitted. All alcohol must be served by the host chapter from one location. Other chapters may donate to the bar and have their beverages labeled for exclusive service to their chapter members. The host is responsible for the well being of all participants. This allows them to regulate proper alcohol consumption.

We received a bit more information about the actual implementation of the policy tonight. Here are some more details:

  • Parties need to have just one entrance and exit (outside of fire doors, of course).
  • Bartenders have to be sober through the night and at least 18 years old.
  • An hour and a half before the event’s over, alcohol should no longer be served.
  • The alcohol that is served at the event will most likely have to be in cans or Solo cups, unless the VP for Risk Management signs off on glass bottles.
  • There can only be one bar area, which has to be marked with the proper IFC-mandated signage.
  • No liquor served may be over 80 proof.
  • No liquor may be served in shot form.
  • Liquor may be served for no more than two hours, and must be served before midnight.

Parties found in violation of these rules could find themselves facing up to $1000 in fines. Watch here for more on the impact of these new rules.

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