Day: January 14, 2010

PSMA Date Auction

Do you love the Nittany Lion? The football team? PJ Maierhofer? The Drum Major? Cheerleaders? Have you ever dreamed of meeting these people? Ever wanted PJ to teach you baton twirling? Or wanted to play broomball with the PSU hockey team? Do you love kids?

As a Penn Stater, you should have answered yes to ALL of these questions, and therefore the following information should excite you: the Penn State Marketing Association is auctioning off the previously mentioned (and more) "dates" with some of Penn State's best! The event is Wednesday, January 20th, at 7:30 in Heritage Hall in the HUB. There is a suggested donation of $3 at the door, with all proceeds going to THON (note that this is NOT an official THON event). Check out the Facebook event page here.

What "date" would you most like to have? Magic lessons with Graham Spanier? Let me hear it in the comments.

Rush Spring 2010: Information Session

Interested in Rushing the Greek Community these next couple of weeks? Don't know where to start? Want more information?

The IFC will be holding its "Pre-Recruitment Information Session" TONIGHT, January 14th @ 7:00pm & 9:00pm in 117 Osmond.

The IFC Recruitment Page states

Registered Potential New Members must attend one (1) of the Recruitment Information Sessions to be eligible for IFC Recruitment:

So if you are looking to pledge at a fraternity chapter, be sure to get your butt to 117 Osmond tonight!

Former CIA Agent Investigates “Climategate”

Kent Clizbe isn't working for the US government or any other organization. He's one man searching for answers amidst the Climategate controversy. As the Collegian reported this week, Mr. Clizbe sent letters to 27 Penn State faculty members in hopes of locating a snitch whistleblower. He possesses an extensive background in secure communications and has even recruited a lawyer who has experience working with the False Claims Act.

Faculty members who come forward with information about the Climategate controversy will be protected--and apparently well paid. We contacted Mr. Clizbe to understand his motives for launching this personal investigation.

LAUS Dean Long Discusses Social Media

Christopher Long, Associate Dean for Undergraduate Studies in the college Liberal Arts, has released this video discussing his vision of how social media can enhance students' undergraduate experience. The video is quick, so take a minute to watch the video and read my reactions. It's all after the jump.

PSU Computer Store Gets Its Party On

Penn State's Computer Store has been around for a lot longer than you might think. Its twentieth birthday will be celebrated on January 20th in the HUB Showroom from 10 AM to 2 PM.

It looks like there will be some pretty sweet prizes to be won, and you can even meet This Squirrel. I have also received information stating there will be cupcakes to be had at the joyful celebration.

1990 was a awkward year for computers. Microsoft had yet to create Windows 95, but it released the first versions of Microsoft and Excel that we all know and hate love. A computer with a 250 MB hard drive, a 3.5" floppy drive and 1 MB of RAM sold for $1,260. In today's money, this system would have cost $2,085.51. Also in 1990, the basis for the internet we enjoy today was laid when a researcher came up with the hypertext system. This hypertext system led to fantastic internet gems.

UPUA Back For Spring Semester

It's the first week of spring semester and the UPUA is officially back in session. Last night, President Gavin Keirans welcomed everyone back by updating the assembly on what he and others have been working on recently.

After what were probably fantastic and fun-filled negotiations, the UPUA and CATA came to an agreement to extend the White Loop until 4:30 am on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Additionally, two "ambassadors" from student organizations including the UPUA will be available during the extended hours to act as a sort of liaison between CATA and the UPUA.

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