Colbert Nation Doing Its Duty at PSU

Maybe you’ve heard that the Ritenour Building is having a contest to rename its east wing. Maybe you’ve heard a little section of the Colbert Nation here at PSU is trying to get it named after America’s ballsiest fake pundit.

Why, you ask? Well, if you’re not an avid Colbert follower, it’s hard to explain. This guy just loves putting on a conceited act and his viewers love to encourage it by doing things like voting online to name a Hungarian bridge after him, which he won with over 17 million votes. The Ambassador of Hungary presented Mr. Colbert with a declaration certifying him as the winner of the second and final round of voting, though it was later announced that the bridge would instead be named the Megyeri Bridge, as it couldn’t be named after a living person.

Most recently, Colbert won a contest to name a room in the international space station after him, with write-in votes! NASA ultimately decided to name the room Tranquility, saying that the organization always had the right to choose an appropriate name. They did, however, name a treadmill after Colbert.

If you’d like to contribute your vote to the legacy of Stephen Colbert, visit the contest website until January 25th and make your voice heard for America’s greatest American.

One caveat, though.

The winning name will then be entered into the name pool which includes faculty and staff submissions. Dean Larson will choose the name for the center out of that group in late February, so ultimately the winner’s submission may be the name of the new student center.

Let’s hope Dean Larson is a member of the Colbert Nation.


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