Foursquare and Penn State

Some of you will be disappointed when I tell you that I’m not going to talk about the childhood game Foursquare in this post. I am, however, talking about the internet service called Foursquare that “gives you and your friends new ways of exploring your city.”

It turns out that Harvard has teamed up with the company to create a index of ratings and reviews of local businesses as well as to promote collaboration between the different people living in and around the University.

I’ve seen a handful of people get into Foursquare, especially via Twitter. It seems like a pretty cool service and looks like it could take off, particularly in a college setting. It would definitely help spread the word about State College gems like Herwig’s, Margarita’s Pizzeria and the State Theatre, among others.

With enough users in State College, the service could create a veritable listing of awesome places to hang out, eat and drink study. Of course, this listing would be limited to the citizens of State College that are more technologically-minded at first. But if Foursquare grows to include many demographics like Facebook and Twitter have, the service would become infinitely more useful.

You can get signed up here. Let us know what you think of the service with a comment below.

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