I Don’t Need INeedCollege.com

A new social networking site called ineedcollege.com has recently come into our lives… and it’s about as useful as a rusty fork jammed between your toes. 

Well O.K., maybe it’s not quite that bad but these folks are trying to pull a Lloyd Christmas and tape the head back on a dead bird, then package it to us like nothing is wrong as we sit petting it like poor, unsuspecting, Billy the blind kid in 4C. I started an account on the site to see what wondrous new innovations ineedcollege has brought to the world of social interaction; I ended up disappointed.

The site is just a duplicate Facebook. Yes, the fat and gristle that has increased on Facebook is trimmed off of ineedcollege, but that doesn’t make it anymore useful. Last week, the Daily Collegian reported that ineedcollege may soon replace Facebook. If it does, great. Just another place to waste otherwise productive hours.

Ineedcollege has the personal info page, picture albums, status updates (which seem to get less and less creative all the time on FB anyway), a market place, events reminder, and a friend finder. All the comforts of social media that anyone could ask for…or already had on Facebook or Myspace.

The aesthetic of the site is nice. It’s easy on the eyes, and also looks a hell of a lot like Twitter. Can’t blame them for going with something that works though.

The ineedcollege.com logo looks a lot like the Red Hot Chili Peppers logo too. That’s cool. My mind always digresses to the Chili Peppers anyway.

It’s admirable that someone would try to introduce a new animal into the tired old pack consisting of Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter. You may find it to be interesting if social networking is your kinda bag. Initially though, ineedcollege appears to be the same story told by a different person.

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