Spanier: Football Ticket Prices Won’t Increase!

However, considering that next year’s schedule has fewer games, the price per game will stay the same.

Tuition, on the other hand, will almost definitely be increased. In a meeting with the Board of Trustees last week, Graham Spanier announced students should expect to see a tuition hike of between 2.9 to 4.9 percent.

Spanier also noted that the difficulty Penn State had attaining its appropriations this fall should have been a hint that tuition might have to be adjusted to compensate. If you haven’t been paying attention, well, surprise!

As is it the media’s job to play the blame game, let’s start first with the Pennsylvania legislature. They wouldn’t give Penn State the entriety of its appropriations request and now students have to make up the difference. Also, we can throw some blame on the university’s representatives. Sure, they probably did their best, but why let facts get in the way of a good blaming? While we’re at it, Graham Spanier probably had something to do with this monetary meltdown… and you thought he and Fast Eddy were friends!

But the main culprit, the real son-of-a-bitch responsible for the tuition hike, is NBC. They ruined late night TV and ultimately spurred the final decision to raise tuition.

It could be worse. Even a five percent increase isn’t the end of the world (which is still in two years, btw). And at least Penn State isn’t the University of California. They call that a riot? Raise our tuition 32 percent and we’ll show UC how college rioting is done!


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