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So you have probably heard about the CATA app by now and how useful it is, but what about for people that are interested in computer labs? Many students on campus use the computer labs on a daily basis and some wish there was a simple way to find the closest labs to them that are not packed with people.

Chris Sacksteder is developing that type of system. He is creating a web app for mobile platforms that not only tells you which labs are around campus, but how many computers are free in each lab and maybe someday which lab is the closest to your current location via your phone’s GPS. Although currently in development, this design could help many students find easily accessible labs for group meetings and / or quiet homework areas.

Would you use this system to help get around campus to find free labs for the day? What would be the best way to use this system? Do you think it should be focused on a more iPhone / Blackberry app or more broad so that more people can use it with their cell phone service?
To see the beta version of this web app, you can go here.

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