ESPN Says Nittany Lions are Most Valuable Team in Big Ten

I came across this article listing the 12 most valuable teams in NCAA football. The website, Business Pundit, collected opinion from various sports authorities about the most valuable teams and compiled them into a ranked list.

Penn State came in at 3rd place (under the Texas Longhorns and the Notre Dame Fighting Irish). But what caught my eye was the paragraph about Penn State.

Another highly valued NCAA football team with a rich history is Penn State’s Nittany Lions, said by ESPN to be the most valuable team in the NCAA’s Big Ten conference. ESPN reports that Penn State’s “team value is $99 million, and the program makes a profit of $50 million.” Its ranking as the third most valuable NCAA football team is a ten spot leap for Penn State from the last time rankings were compiled. Coached by the legendary Joe Paterno (who earns roughly $1.5 million per season), Penn State figures to continue its run as one of the most prosperous college football teams in the country for quite some time.

Do you agree with ESPN’s opinion?? Either way, good for us! Go State!

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