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Day: February 15, 2010

No Excuses University

Perhaps taking a cue from a recent episode of The Office, a school in Texas is using Penn State to motivate its kindergartners to one day go to college.

The school is part of a program called No Excuses University. According to the organization, a lot of children growing up in lower income areas don't really consider going to college an option, and, as a result, don't work as hard to do well in school. Classrooms adopt a school which is then featured in classroom activities.

Meredith McCraw of Bluebonnet Elementary School in Round Rock, Texas chose her fiance's alma mater, Penn State, for her kindergarten class. Penn State memorabilia is displayed around the classroom, even decorating their door.

While the choice of Penn State may seem odd for a school in Texas, recent developments may explain what's going on.

Penn State Reppin’ The Winter Olympics

If you didn't have a reason to watch the Winter Games already, American short track speedskater Allison Baver is representing Penn State in Vancouver. Baver, who was profiled in the Collegian last Friday, will be competing in events the 20th, 24th, and 26th.

Check out her website so your commentary can be more in depth than blurting out "look at that hot chick that went to my school!"

Finals Schedules Out, Mass Hysteria

Semester getting you down? Work piling up on you? Fear not, fellow student, for Penn State has the solution to your conundrum! FINALS SCHEDULES ARE OUT! Yes, finals! The one time of the year where the library is so filled with students all trying to sleep study hard. The one magical time of year where Penn State actually has great weather, and we are cooped up cramming to re-learn a semester's worth of information. The one time of year which, sadly, means that all of us are a year older in our college careers and (hopefully) a year wiser.

So please, vent with us. Do you have 3 finals? 4? 5? 6? 10? Onward State wants to know!

Probable Case of Meningitis

A freshman from of Pinchot Hall in East Halls has been diagnosed with a probable case of meningococcal meningitis and has been receiving treatment at Mount Nittany Medical Center. Those close to the student have also been offered prophylactic medication as a precaution. While meningitis is not easily transmittable - it’s spread through saliva and routine, close contact - but the CDC does state that college students living in dormitories are at increased risk for the disease.

Meningitis is a bacterial infection and can be treated with antibiotics like penicillin, but since it usually presents itself like a less serious infection (lots of flu-like symptoms), the disease is usually not detected early, and one in ten die from the disease, with others infected for life.

I know what you’re thinking: “But Caitlin, didn’t UHS require us to get vaccinated before arriving at Penn State?” The answer: sort of. More on that after the jump

State College Walmart #1 in SI Swimsuit Issue Sales

According to Time Warner, as of late Sunday night, the Wal-Mart in State College has sold more copies of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition than any other Wal-Mart in the nation. And, just to show that Pennsylvanian's recognize fine art when they see it, we'd like to note that the King of Prussia store is sitting pretty at #8 in sales.

Why the interest? Who cares-- whether it's snow induced boredom, spring break outfit planning, or Brooklyn Decker's bodacious bod, we're still proud!

The Dick Diaries: Chronicles of The Penis Monologues

Captain James Tiberius Kirk, the Millennium Falcon, and Clark Kent. What do these have in common? They are names many members of the cast of the Penis Monologues called their johnsons (while standing in the aisles of 111 Forum in their boxers). Before you get curious, yes, I spent my Valentines eve sitting in 111 Forum listening to other students talk about their penises.

I will honestly say that I have never laughed at a play this hard. Full of dirty jokes, The Penis Monologues delivered a quick, hard shot of laughter right in the arm from the moment it started. All the various sketches revolved around various activities of the penis, whether it be about peeing after sex, masturbating (apparently JoePa screams "COME TO PENN STATE" at climax), and shaving your pubic hair.

Read on for some of the other topics covered.

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