VLADentines Has Come and Passed…

A while ago, a fellow writer expressed their views on State Patty’s Day. Many people in the comments section were not pleased by this. It seems like one day in February (why does State Patty’s get pushed back all the time?) to drink to excess is not enough for some students, though. A few pioneering young students have suggested to turn Valentines Day into VLADentines Day. Oh so witty and clever! If only I had thought of this, maybe I too would go down in the history of Penn State drinking traditions (who made State Patty’s Day again?).

Many people may not view this as drinking tradition as a problem, as there are over 1,341 members in the VLADentines Day Facebook group as of writing. They suggest that we should celebrate the single life by drinking Vlad. Some of the wall posts are also kind of funny (in a very sad way).

This brings up the question: Do we honestly need more fake Penn State holidays? I saw an event invitation for making Groundhog Day a Penn State drinking tradition. I mean, if people are so desperate for drinking holidays, why not just drink yourself under the table? Seriously, there are a thousand reasons you can easily choose to make every day of the year a drinking holiday. “The Collegian is published every day! To celebrate we should drink!” “Beaver Stadium is still huge! Drink till you can see two!”

You can see where I’m going with this. If you want to drink on certain days and feel that it needs to be justified in some odd way, then you are doing it wrong.

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