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Day: February 16, 2010

See John Cusack in a Hot Tub

Do you like tub time, hot machines? If so, Hot Tub Time Machine may be the movie for you. The College 9 Theater is hosting an advance screening of the new film tomorrow at 7:30.

The movie tells the classic tale about four friends who get into a hot tub time machine and are transported back to the 80s. If that isn't enough, the movie stars John Cusack (the Say Anything guy), Rob Corddry (the Daily Show correspondent who looks like Champ from Anchorman), Craig Robinson (Darryl from The Office) and Clark Duke (the non-greek star of Greek). I can't really say anything else about the movie except it will either be awesome or awesomely terrible.

To get tickets, email [email protected], though there's a two per person limit.

Gates-Cambridge Scholar is a PSU Alum

Ms. Queen Nworisara Quinn, a graduate of Penn State, was recently names a Gates-Cambridge Scholar. The scholarship was created by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation in cahoots with Cambridge University to help students interested in using their superior leadership and intellect to help society study at the prestigious university.

Ms. Quinn plans to obtain an MPhil in Innovation, Strategy & Organization and then pursue a PhD in Management. She states her career ambitions as follows:

My career aspiration is to develop research which helps to improve the competitiveness of African firms and entrepreneurs. I also aspire to teach students about entrepreneurship and hope that my research would prove beneficial in educating a new class of investors about investment opportunities in Africa.

Sadly, while Ms. Quinn mentions our beloved PSU in her profile, she fails to mention it under “Universities Attended” in her bio box. I understand Harvard is a tad more impressive, but there’s room for both.

If you have aspirations to serve the world community and are interested in applying for a Gates-Cambridge Scholarship (and mentioning PSU in your bio box once you receive it!) look no further than the University Fellowship Office.

VLADentines Has Come and Passed…

A while ago, a fellow writer expressed their views on State Patty's Day. Many people in the comments section were not pleased by this. It seems like one day in February (why does State Patty's get pushed back all the time?) to drink to excess is not enough for some students, though. A few pioneering young students have suggested to turn Valentines Day into VLADentines Day. Oh so witty and clever! If only I had thought of this, maybe I too would go down in the history of Penn State drinking traditions (who made State Patty's Day again?).

Many people may not view this as drinking tradition as a problem, as there are over 1,341 members in the VLADentines Day Facebook group as of writing. They suggest that we should celebrate the single life by drinking Vlad. Some of the wall posts are also kind of funny (in a very sad way).

This brings up the question: Do we honestly need more fake Penn State holidays? Read on to share your thoughts.

Student Handbook Soldiers On

Whatever your opinions on the freshman handbook, a timeline was confirmed last night with a printing date of May 1st. UPUA's Handbook Committee met to discuss their plans for the book, which will most likely be called "The S Book". At the meeting was Ben Bronstein '61, who edited the 1960 and 1961 editions of the book. He will be serving in an advising capacity, helping guide the handbook's revival.

According to Bronstein, the book was an integral part of a students freshman experience in previous years. There were several examples of past handbooks at the meeting, all of which fit the description of "a keepsake to last beyond your years at Penn State". While they may not be able to have the books leather bound as they were in 1937, with the proper design,the book may be more than a toss-able handout.

There has been much argument about whether the book should be print or digital, but there has been little discussion of its content. More on what sections may be in the handbook after the jump.

Alumni Association Introduces Members to 21st Century

The Penn State Alumni Association has a section on their website called the Online HUB. Despite what you may assume, this site has nothing to do with the Hetzel Union Building and not a whole lot to do with Alumni. What the website does offer are "fun downloads". This includes desktop themes, digital copies of various Penn State songs, ringtones, and the lyrics to many Penn State songs.

Thanks to this website, it appears that washed-up alumni can now relive their college glory days - on their computer! I decided to try out one of the desktop themes, so I downloaded it, unzipped the contents, and saw this text file:

This is the new Penn State University theme for Microsoft Windows 95 under the use of PLUS!

Apparently, PLUS! is a program that Microsoft discontinued with the introduction of Windows XP. So unless you're running Windows 95 (anyone?), these desktop themes aren't very much use to you. Oh well, at least their site doesn't look like a 90's Geocities page.

@AbolishCancer Taps Twitter Love for @THON

I wonder if Andrea Miller knows what she's getting herself into.

Only a few weeks after Pat Howley pledged to donate $1 for every follower that @AbolishCancer got on January 29th to THON, Miss Miller is choosing to do the same. Pat Howley (a junior at Penn State) wound up with a $1700 pledge to back up after the THON twitter account exploded with popularity. An outpouring of support from students, alumni, even IFC/PHC resulted in Pat's pledge ballooning to over $6000 being donated to the philanthropy.

Today's the day to help THON by way of Andrea Miller. For every follower that @AbolishCancer gets today, Miss Miller has pledged to donate $1. According to Abolish Cancer's website, Miss Miller is a recent Penn State grad who decided to participate in the pledge program because she feels that "no child should ever have to experience cancer." Miss Miller has pledged to sponsor up to 200 followers, but here's to hoping that she's able to receive a few matching donations, a la Mr. Howley.

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