Day: February 17, 2010

Men’s Basketball: *Frustrated Grunts, Sighs*

Remember the guy that nearly crushed Talor Battle in a post-game, passionate man hug? He's writing his own Penn State Basketball Blog, Battle Does It Again.

Now, we don't cover Men's Basketball as much as we could here, mainly because we don't have a beat writer and many of you would get tired of me repeating "wow, this is a very bad team" over and over. But for those of you who are curious about the "State of the Program," read on for an excerpt that sums it up nicely.

Free PSMA Concert!

PSMA is putting together a free concert with help from UPAC on Thursday, March 18th at 8pm in Alumni Hall. That’s right, I said free!

You may think that because it’s free it’d be some chump musicians. But no! It’s Mike Posner, an up-and-coming-recently-signed hip–hop artist, rapper Big Sean, and mash-up superstar E-603 (If you’re still uncertain of the quality, you can check out some tunes on the event’s Facebook page).

Tickets will be available March 3rd in the HUB from 10-4 with a PSU id, and, if there are any left over, March 16th from 10-2. Did I mention it’s free?

This Week In Penn State Sports – In Video Form!

Here at Onward State, we no longer run our This Week In Penn State Sports feature. For those of you who miss it - thankfully, does the exact same thing on its YouTube Channel.

It's a great resource for highlights - this week's edition features footage of Wrestling, Basketball, Gymnastics, Lacrosse, and more.

Homecoming Captain Applications Posted

The applications for 2010 Homecoming Captains have just been posted. True to the spirit of how we do things here at Dear Old State, homecoming's a huge production. There are 13 total committees with a handful of positions on each. There are 3 relations committees (Alumni, University, and Public), and the positions range all the way from Security to Ice Cream Social Captain.

Should you be selected to be a captain, you'll be under the Homecoming Executive Committee, made up of 16 of the more ambitious Penn Staters you'll meet. A lot of them, from their bio pages, are involved in THON and a bunch of other groups around campus as well.

The application itself is fairly simple; with the usual name, class, major stuff, and then five short answer type questions about why you want to be part of Homecoming, how you will contribute, and all that good stuff. You can download the application here. If you apply, good luck!

State College Music Spotlight: Johnny Action Figure

State College Music Spotlight is a new feature at Onward State where we find local artists in the State College area and share them with the community.

These guys have something special.

Johnny Action Figure is a quartet based in Philadelphia, PA. The band is made up of guitarists/vocalists Brendan Fullam and Chris Sheehan (the latter of which is a Penn State album from 07!), bassist/vocalist CF Fullam, and drummer Brad Rittle. On their latest release, Good Eye, Johnny Action Figure shows a future for pop rock as it could be. You'll find no auto-tune gimmicks or flashy egos here, just four guys who have great ears for melodies, harmonies, rhythms, and how they can all go together.

Good Eye is a very confident, sincere album, where everything seems to be done for the purposes of producing a solid sound. For instance, the second track on the album, "Young Rider", incorporates 3-part harmonies, doo-wop backing vocals, horns, transitions from 4/4 to 3/4, a walking bassline, and two guitar solos in just over three and a half minutes - yet none of it comes off as gimmicky, show-offy, or unnecessary. It's clear that these four chaps have excellent technical prowess on their respective instruments, but they show enough restraint to not come off as obnoxious.

Read the full post for more.

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