So Why Do We Dance?

For the first time in my life, I got a good behind-the-scenes look at what happens before the dancers come out….and well…dance. Yes, that is right. I attended a dancer meeting!
Unfortunately I got there a little late (I went to the IM Building instead of the Multiplex Sport Complex…a mistake that is easy to make), but I was fortunate enough to catch up for the final bits of the meeting.

I stood there listening to a speech being made by a THON overall and had only one quote stuck in my head the entire time – “Go State! Beat Cancer!”. The speech itself was to motivate the dancers and to remind them why they were about to stay on their feet for the next 46 (with no sleep). The dancer tunnel exists to inspire them as they walk from the Sports Complex (not the IM Building) to the BJC. Can you imagine what it is like having complete strangers shout words of encouragement, give you hugs and pats on the back as you walk to what is probably the biggest test of your character? I cannot.

The dancers are heroes and we, as Penn Staters, should support them. The dancer tunnel is the embodiment of this feeling.

The dancers are doing this for those who can not. They stand for those who cannot. They do this to raise money to find a cure. They do not have to do this alone. Our support gives them strength which in turn gives the 4 diamond families strength. As Penn State we influence an entire community and this is our weekend to show it.

So please, come to the BJC. Join the Penn State family and show off your diamonds. Learn and participate the line dance. Come be silly and unleash your inner child. Our love gives strength to everyone – kids, dancers and families. Come out and do this for the kids, the cure and the dancers.


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