Greek Profile: ΣΧ and ΑΟΠ

We got a chance to meet with Dan Avampato of ΣΧ and Brittany Peipert of ΑΟΠ and asked them to give us their views on THON.

OS: What has your team done?

Brittany: We are new partners as of this year and have done a lot for THON! We had a THON brunch with a THON family at the ΣΧ house. We have had 4 highly successful canning weekends in different states.

Dan: We sent out lots of THONvelopes to our alumni to get them to donate for a great cause.

OS: How long have you been involved with THON?

Brittany: I have been involved with THON ever since I joined Greek life. I am the THON chair for ΑΟΠ and am also a member of a THON committee.

Dan: I have been involved ever since I joined Greek life (ΣΧ) and am loving every second of it!

OS: What is your favorite part of THON?

Dan: I thought that so far the best part for me was observing the mad rush when they are let into the BJC and they fight for positioning in the BJC. It is absolutely great watching the BJC fill with the color before the dancers get here.

Brittany: My favorite time has to be the last 4 hours. More specifically family hour. I love when we are on the floor next to our THON family and dancers. It makes the experience even better.

OS: Why did you get involved?

Brittany: I initially got involved because of ΑΟΠ. It was a great way to initially get involved with THON and I loved it so I also started joining committees.

Dan: I initially got involved because of ΣΧ. I want to get more involved with THON because my little cousin is currently battling pediatric cancer.

OS: How long will you be here this weekend?

Brittany: Most of the weekend for sure. I intend to only leave for mini-naps and showers. I will be splitting time between the sorority and my committee, but that just enhances the fun of THON.

Dan: I will be running shifts with the fraternity and hope to be here as much as possible.

OS: What song do you hope they play this weekend?

Brittany: Your love is my love! It is the biggest pump up song for THON. Everyone gets into it and sings it.

Dan: I will have to agree.

OS: How would you rate your dance skills?

Brittany: Not very high.. HOWEVER it is not about dancing! It is all about standing and supporting the dancers, the kids and the families.

Dan: Yeah. It is about being here for the cure and being here for those that can not.

OS: What is the coolest thing you have seen this weekend?

Brittany: I got to spend time on the floor with our THON family. It was great being there with our dancers, moralers and our family. All on the floor at the same time. Love truly belongs here

Dan: I got to meet our THON child for the first time!

OS: If you were a dinosaur what kind would you be? And why?

Dan and Brittany: A brontosaurus! It is big and strong, but humble.

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