We Are…The Dancers (By Hour 22)

THON is nearing the 24-hour mark and yet the energy continues to surge throughout the arena. How the dancers are constantly dancing and moving and without sleep no less, I just do not understand. I’m barely able to keep myself awake while typing this right now.

But our dancer, Matt Swingle offered a few pointers that have helped him muscle his way through the last 22 hours.

The first he said was that he has been frequently taking sink showers. Keeping your skin fresh and your hair non-greasy can mean all the difference in how you feel 20-30 hours into sleep deprivation.

He liked the idea of splashing cold water on his face, but said that the other dancers might be enjoying it a little too much, as you can see to the left with the barrage of water guns and balloons.

He also said he’s been changing his socks, shorts, underwear, and shirts a lot. It’s always good for morale if the clothes you’re wearing aren’t filthy and don’t make you look like a disgusting, colorful hobo.

But morale isn’t something that seems to be a problem just yet. The bands are great, the music is awesome, theirs raffle prizes being given out left and right like degrees at Ohio State.

The dancers are beginning to show small signs of exhaustion. The beach balls aren’t bouncing as high as they were a few hours ago. There’s even disturbing reports of sword fights breaking out. Onward State has an exclusive picture confirming the rumor. Warning, the images may be disturbing to no one.

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