Greek Profile: ΣΣΣ and ΖΨ

We caught up with Sarah Perrotto(THON chair for ΣΣΣ) and Eleanor Davidson (a very involved member of ΣΣΣ ) during the very hectic closing hours of THON and they were kind enough to take time out of their schedule to bring you this interview.

OS: How long have you been partnered together for THON?

Sarah: We have been partnered for over 5 years.

Eleanor: This partnership which continues every year allows us to keep our strong friendship bond going.

OS: How many THON families do you support?

Sarah: We have 2 THON families – the Ranks and the Smiths. Our THON children are Jeremy Rank and Jackson Smith.

OS: What has your team done in preparation for THON?

Sarah: We have had 4 amazing canning trips to raise funds. We have also sent out a large amount of THONvelopes and have received a lot of corporate donations. We also used THON-line as a fundraising method.

OS: How long have you been in THON? What got you involved with THON?

Sarah: This my second year involved. I initially got involved because of ΣΣΣ and I love what THON stands for. By getting involved it allowed me to make it all about supporting the families.

Eleanor: This is my third year involved with THON and I got involved through ΣΣΣ.

OS: What is your favorite part about THON?

Eleanor: Just watching the kids smile and giggle. The feeling that we are making a difference in peoples’ lives. Also, I love observing how the Penn State community is united because of such a great event.

Sarah: The dancer commitment. The very fact that students are willing to stay up for 46 hours and not sit for such a great cause always moves me.

OS: How long have you been here?

Sarah: I have been here for about 35 hours total.

Eleanor: Been here for about 14 hours.

OS: What song do you hope they play this weekend?

Sarah: My roommate is dancing in THON and she requested “I’m a Bee”. I hope they play that!

Eleanor: Love Story – Taylor Swift (can’t get enough of this stuff here!- Hasan)

OS: How would you rate your dance skills?

Eleanor and Sarah: Definitely a 10/10. No two ways about it!

OS: What is the most awesome thing you have seen this weekend?

Sarah: I saw my friend’s roommate who is dancing giving another dancer a massage in the early morning. This came right after she hit a valley. To see the support dancers have for each other is incredible

OS: If you were a dinosaur, what kind would you be? And why?

Eleanor: Stegosaurus.

Sarah: Velociraptor – such a bad ass name!

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