Indie Spotlight: FOTO

Right after the electric Go-Go-Gadjet set (or should I say Ga-Ga-Gadget? – Hasan), I managed to interview Andrew McGough, one of the founders, and finance executive chair for FOTO. He was kind enough to leave his team in the final hour of THON and answer my questions.

OS: How old is your organization?

Andrew: This is our first year as an independent organization. I founded this organization with two of my friends Adam Fountaine and Tori Joseph. The organization was formed in honor of Adam’s brother who had pediatric cancer and is now graduating from Hershey Medical school to become a pediatric oncologist.

OS: Do you have a THON family?

Andrew: Yes we do and the name of our THON child is Megan Eislinger. She is two years old and has acute lymphobastic leukemia. This is the Eislinger’s first year as a THON family and our first as an organization. We learn from each other as THON goes on.

OS: What has your team done in order to be prepared for THON?

Andrew: We have participated in all 4 canning trips. We sent out THONvelopes to receive money from corporate donors. We also held a highly successful fundraiser (a clothing drive). We also got the team excited about the very prospect of THON.

OS: When did you get involved in THON?

Andrew: I got involved last year as a member of Hospitality. It was actually here at family hour that Adam and I decided to form FOTO and have a greater impact in THON.

OS: How long have you been here so far?

Andrew: I have been here about 39 hours. I only left to take mini-sleep shifts.

OS: What song do you hope they play this weekend?

Andrew: I was hoping they would play Cyclone. Mainly cause one of our dancers (JC Krauth) has a very distinctive dance that he does to it. I think it would be provide great entertainment for everyone.

OS: How would you rate your dance skills?

Andrew: 10/10. No doubt. FOTO prides itself in our dance abilities.

OS: What is the most awesome thing you have seen all weekend?

Andrew: I saw a 4 Diamonds child go up against a stepper in a dance battle. The best part was that the kid could breakdance and definitely beat the stepper.

OS: If you could be a dinosaur what kind would you be and why?

Andrew: Triceratops. They look mean on the outside but are nice on the inside.

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