Indie Spotlight: Pillar

I was intrigued by the signs from across the BJC that spelled out ‘PILLAR,’ so I decided to go talk with Executive Chair Christie Damato to see what Pillar was all about.

OS: What makes Pillar different from other independent organizations?

Christie: Pillar is the first organization that was started with freshmen in mind. We recruit mostly freshmen, especially freshmen in east halls. Our dancers are not decided by seniority, but on how much effort you put in during the year.

OS: How many dancers do you have?

Christie: We have two dancers.

OS: How many years have you been involved with THON?

Christie: 2 years.

OS: Why did you get involved with THON?

Christie: My friends and I learned about it last year…I didn’t know about it until I got here, but now I can’t imagine not being involved.

OS: What is your favorite part of THON?

Christie: Seeing the kids and my members all excited!

OS: Where is your favorite place to can?

Christie: Long Island. My home town…It’s fun, and there are lots of alumni who give a lot of money.

OS: How long will you be here this weekend?

Christie: I will be here 42 hours by the end.

OS: What song do you want to hear before the end of THON?

Christie: American Girl, by Tom Petty. It was played the one hour I wasn’t here!

OS: How would you rate your dance skills out of 10?

Christie: 10! No, sorry… 15!

OS: What’s the coolest thing you have seen this weekend?

Christie: Well, I did start the conga line earlier, that was pretty cool.

OS: If you were a dinosaur, which one would you be?

Christie: Hmm… Pterodactyl.

Lots of pterodactyl lovers this weekend! Check back for continued coverage of THON as we approach the final four hours.

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