We Are…The Dancers (By Hour 32)

I’m beginning to lose feeling in my fingers. It’s been over 31 hours since THON started. That’s like watching almost one and a half seasons of ’24’ back-to-back. Spirits are high on the dance floor though and the dancing is still raging on strong. But it is becoming apparent that some of the following symptoms of sleep deprivation are beginning to take effect:

  • brain’s problem solving greatly diminishes
  • possible hallucinations
  • depression
  • irritability
  • slowed reaction times
  • slurred speech
  • tremors

But Matt is trying not to keep his mind on such things.

“I try to stay on the floor as much as possible because when I walk away, my mind starts to wander and it can be a struggle,” he said.

Matt says that the general rule of thumb among dancers is to not complain to one another.

“I’ve been saying I’m doing great, even if I’m not,” he said. “It really helps not talking about your pain ’cause everyone else is going through it too.”

Funny, I’ve been pretty much complaining to anyone that would listen. I’m not even sure how I’m able to type coherently anymore. It is currently 2am on Sunday morning and there are 14 hours left.

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