IFC CORE Program: Fraternity Values

At President’s Council on Tuesday evening, Chapter Presidents unanimously voted to approve the new IFC CORE Program: Commitment to Outreach and Responsible Education. The overall mission of this program is to bring fraternities back to the values upon which its Chapters were founded. Here’s how it works:

Chapters will be divided into three divisions based on their total number of members. The purpose of this division is to level the playing field for what I’m about to explain next. Chapters will compete within their divisions for points to be accumulated throughout the semester, and at the end, each division will have one winner.

The points are based off of three major categories – Community Service, Philanthropy, and Educational Programming. Here’s how chapters can receive points.

Community Service

  • Hosting a community service event – 20 pts.
  • 30% of Chapter participating in an IFC-sponsored community service event – 15 pts.
  • Sponsoring of a blood drive – 10 pts.
  • 30% of Chapter participating in another Greek community service event  – 10 pts.
  • Donating a pint of blood – 1 pt (per member).

Chapters will not receive points for mandated community service.


  • Hosting a philanthropy – 20 pts.
  • Participating in another Greek philanthropy – 10 pts.

Educational Programming

  • Hosting an educational program (educational programs can be about essentially anything – etiquette, resumes, law, etc.) open to other Chapters (must be  pre-approved) – 20 pts.
  • Co-sponsoring an IFC-approved program – 10 pts.
  • 30% of Chapter attending an IFC approved educational program – 5 pts.

Chapter attendance considered will be calculated as percentage of members who attended vs. members in the chapter. Possible incentives for the program (for overall winners) include funding for Chapter House improvements, discounted IFC dues, or  funding towards Social Event Monitors dues.

Incentives for individual events will include permission to host a Wednesday social function, gift cards for FPA vendors, or tickets to an event.

This seems like a great program to get more of the Greek community involved in community service, philanthropy, and programming events. What do you think?

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