A Hypocrite, In Politics?!? No Way

US Representative Glenn Thompson, or “GT” as I’m sure nobody but himself refers to him as, has been wildly outspoken against the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act since he voted ‘nay’ on that bitch.

“It really has failed,” he said of the ARRA. But wait, GT is using the money despite its failure! Thompson has been using the so called ‘failed’ stimulus dough for a number of pet projects, including $1 million in funding for an airport access road in Lycoming County and $525,000 in a grant to the Cameron County Health Care Center. Rumors also speculate that he’s using the money for a chin reduction, hair implants, and a conscience.

In his defense, he did say that if a bill passes to law, he will seize every opportunity to make sure the people he represents get their portion of the money awarded to them. The money he originally didn’t want to see leave the legislative drawing board, that is.

He said there weren’t enough benefits, such as tax cuts and infrastructure investments.

But it has been estimated that so far in Centre County alone, $79 million has gone to Penn State for research and general funding. $8.5 million has gone to county public schools and programs in special education and low-income students. $7 million has gone to highways, and another $6.9 million for a number of projects and programs in the local, county, and municipal levels of government.

The state has already been awarded $6 billion and is going to get more than $26 billion in all sorts of cool things like direct spending and tax benefits.

So the man who voted against the ARRA and is still talking shit on it is spending its money. That’s what I call ‘hypocritical behavior’. That, or ‘politics’. Whichever you prefer.

“GT” best stands for:

Gonorrhea Tissue

Globular Testicle

Giant Troll

There’s not much to work with with “GT”. Come up with something better.

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