Last Call: UPUA Gets Stuff Done

With spring break and election season approaching quickly, the businesses conducted at last night’s UPUA meeting will be the basis for at least the next month of the assembly’s governance.

The first item on last night’s agenda was a resolution regarding funding for the Spring Academic Council Conference. On Thursday, March 18 the Academic Affairs Committee of UPUA will host a conference with the purpose of bringing representative of every academic student council together and discuss their council’s goals and status for the upcoming semester. This discussion will also include Associate Deans from the various academic units and representatives from the Office of Undergraduate Education.

Another debate was held on the Smart Gaming Room concept, which was met with many different reactions and a fair amount of resistance. Some representatives discussed building a new computer lab in the HUB instead (ever tried to find a computer in the HUB?). The vote was pushed back and more discussion is yet to be seen on what UPUA would like to do in the space that is currently occupied by the Corner Pocket. I say that we install a stress room!

Now….drumroll please. Last night, some more details about the UPUA spring concert were revealed to the Penn State world. Wallypalooza’s name has officially changed to: LAST CALL. Some details for this concert are as follows:

  • $45,000 are going to spent to bring in artists to Penn State
  • UPUA is working closely with Roustabout to bring artists to Penn State
  • The festival date is set for the 30th of April
  • The LION 90.7fm, UPUA’s co-sponsor for the event is looking for additional UPAC funding.
  • Corporate sponsorships are being sought out.
  • UPUA are attempting to bring in “notable artists” for Last Call

Other things that were discussed tonight:

It seems that UPUA is having a fantastic term. I feel that they are accurately representing the voice of the student body and making sure our money is used for the right purposes. Moreover, it seems likely to me that Last Call will be a solid event given that the entire planning team has learned from last year’s mistakes.

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