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Instead of lounging around their parents’ house (what seems to be the spring break destination of choice this year), students in Comm 498B International Reporting spent the week “studying” during a class trip to Shanghai, China.

This is the second year the class has taken a spring break trip, last year visiting Mexico City. The purpose of the class is to give students hands on experience reporting from the field. Part of this experience was keeping a blog updated throughout the trip. While there isn’t much hard hitting reporting, there are some great pieces about the culture of Shanghai.

Unfortunately, only two days of posts have been updated on the web site, so coverage is a bit light. Hopefully we’ll see more when the class publishes their in-depth pieces later on in the year.

If you’re interested in taking the class next spring, it is open to all journalism majors. You may want to start preparing your application now, though. Of 60 applicants, only 15 were chosen, and the course is only growing in popularity.

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Nick is a junior majoring in IST (the Internet) and CAS (saying things). He hopes to one day get paid to do this, but for now he is willing to do it for the fame. Besides writing for Onward State, he also puts things on the Internet here.


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