State Capital Day

The inside of the Capitol's rotunda. Pretty badass.

The recent state problems with funding have led to an increasing number of people who are alarmed at where the university’s future is going, including Penn State. But if there’s one thing that has come out of it, ironically, is that some students are getting more experience than they would if the state did know how to properly manage its funds.

If there’s only one thing that college students hate besides a shoddy Wi-Fi connection, it’s messing with their money. We don’t have much, and what we do have must go towards books and bar tabs. But when it happens, we tend to act, sometimes by rallying, sometimes by holding our buildings hostage. The following is the former.

Introducing Capital Day. Capital Day is an event put together by a conjunction of the Penn State Grassroots Network and the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments and will focus on bringing student advocates to the front steps of the state legislature to demand to be heard. It will take place Tuesday, April 20, at the Hilton Harrisburg in the Capitol. The event will include scheduled visits with state legislators by groups of Grassroots volunteers, other volunteers, students, and any other advocates. It’s a great opportunity to learn how the state legislature works first-hand. You could get some lobbying experience in also if you’re interested in politics, always a good resume builder.

There will also be a rally during the day in the Capitol rotunda. Here, students and alumni alike will gather to show their support for “healthy state appropriations.” There will also be a ton of Creamery ice cream. The whole thing is free, some professors are giving extra credit, and all students get a class absence form.

When was the last time a school has offered you extra credit to miss class to eat ice cream on 4/20?

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