UPUA Elections: UPUA Interns Staying Involved

This fall, the University Park Undergraduate Association (UPUA) created an internship program to get freshman students familiar with the politics and Robert’s Rules of student government. It looks like the program was a success, as many freshman interns are currently looking to extend their involvement with UPUA by getting elected to a representative position.

UPUA Chief of Staff Matt Smith lead the interns in their weekly meetings and tried to teach them about the university in various ways, including exploring archives, studying how the faculty senate functions, and working with UPUA officials in various capacities.

Now, the following interns are running for election:

At the beginning of the term, each intern wrote a piece of draft legislation they hoped could be enacted by the UPUA. Now, at the end of the term, the interns have come together to mutually support a few goals:

  • Improve relations between the Borough Council and students
  • Improve relations between the faculty and students
  • Improving availability and exposure between UPUA and the students
  • Improve the downtown housing information
  • Improve relations between the off campus students and landlords
  • Release the student handbook
  • Increase student programming
  • Continue the Intern program
  • Continue growing Encampment
  • Promote student safety
  • Lower tuition!

The interns have not, as a group, endorsed a candidate.

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